Track your property with the technology of the future.

If you do not make a regular, current and detailed follow-up of your real estate in a timely and correct manner, you may encounter intrusion, change of zoning plan, annotation, foreclosure, tax debt, etc. IMPOMES Property Access System is a system that allows you to keep track of your property in the best way and protect your rights with official documents. With the system developed as a result of R & D studies carried out by the expert staff of Impo Imar; situations that can be tracked:

  • Monitoring of situations like hypothec, annotation, foreclosure, etc. on deed reports.
  • Real estate tax fair value determinations
  • Property declaration and real estate tax debts tracking
  • Determination of the construction conditions according to the zoning plans.
  • Location, construction and intrusion status determination
  • Photos of the current situation, identification of property information

Real estate management and monitoring system that provides continuous technical support and consultancy services to real estate owners with the expert comments on real estate development processes and the preparation of the optimal basis for real estate and planning, valuation and legal issues.


• Access your real estate information at any time.

All the details about the real estate are together; It is available on all platforms with internet access, at, which users can access 24/7 and in their mobile phone applications.
• Expert analysis for profitable investment
All data related to real estate are examined thoroughly; The most effective and efficient use analysis of the real estate is made and reported to the user with expert comments. Investments intended to be made in relation to real estate are directed in accordance with expert comments.