Who we are?

Impo Imar, founded in 1996 by city planner Hüseyin OFLAZ, is a leading enterprise, which can develop zoning plans at any scale in different regions of Turkey, and adds value to plans which are developed. From large scale zoning plans to the value-added urban transformation projects, from consulting services we provide based on the experience of many years to strategy development and process management, Impo Imar serves as one of the leading and exemplary organizations within a large scale of services which are being improved with each passing day.

Our Vision;

To be the most trusted and preferred company in the field.

Our Mission;

While developing cities generating care about environmental values, developing a participatory approach, contributing to the creation of livable habitats and producing alternatives that will provide maximum productivity to the employer.


For better cities, we combine nature with human genius

Cities are our future…

Cities that are not well planned pose a danger to the sustainability of the earth. It is a great injustice to earth, to define; increasingly crowded buildings that are unable to use their resources functionally, and unable to generate added value, as a city. Creating better and livable cities is possible with the right planning. City planning means the convergence of nature and human genius. If this harmony is achieved, there is a livable city and sustainable urbanism. As Impo Imar, we work for this achievement and to strive, to improve the quality of life and happiness of people with the right city planning. We are on your side with our expertise for sustainable projects with scientific vision…

MSc Urban and Regional Planning



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